Undergraduate course and marking, University of Leeds, School of Mathematics, 2022

Tutored 2x12 students in Core Mathematics MATH1005. Marked exam scripts in the spring semester.

Received a tutor score of 4.7 / 5 (n=9) with the following comments:

  • He is very good at explaining things we havent been taught or dont understand.

  • The tutor was very helpful and has provided good feedback on the work. Questions and solutions were explained in a good level of detail. The only issue is sometimes lectures for the tutorial content take place after the tutorial.

  • Very understanding and helpful with all the questions even when the content hadn’t been covered.

  • Very clear tried his best to help us with content even if we hadn’t learnt it

  • Good explanations.

  • Matthew was a very good tutor. However we ended up having to spend tutorials half-learning content as we were behind in lectures. Other than this they were good, and feedback on homework was useful.

  • Detailed explanations provided.

  • Matt is so so good. Just an excellent teacher. Always confident in the material and able to answer questions.